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Updated: 2 days ago

Dear future Couples.

Just a little note to say, my Terms and Conditions have now changed for any oncoming couples. An incident has occurred where in my 30 years in business a Bride has gone and double booked another photographer and videographer. . A brief history, 22 months ago, a Bride booked by services. Then, 14 weeks prior to the wedding day, the Bride changed her wedding location to outside of the local region. In the interim, she booked another Photo & Video business and then told me she would be cancelling my services. . When the Bride notified me just 14 weeks prior to the event, I knew I would never recover a job on such short notice as most would know wedding photographers and videographers are booked well in advance of 12-18 months. . Because of this incident, I was left with no job, no income and quite honestly devastated that someone could do this, especially after the months we'd spent on the phone going over the day and the assistance I had given. But then I thought about how my Agreements read, and how open they are to allow this to happen. So, there have been some updates. With every incident, a business must learn, adjust and rise. . I look forward to going through the new Agreements with new Clients, please remember, an agreement is to protect all of us, not just the client. I wish to continue working with like-minded, amazing and great people as I have done for the past 30 years. . Thanks for reading, have a great day! . If you happen to be looking for a professional, photo or videographer, who has a plan for every horror story they read, have a look at my portfolio and get in touch to check availability and have a chat! . w. i. f. t. +61 (0) 417 379 715 e. Copyright © Tanya D'Herville Photography & Videography

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